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Status: Legendary

Mahindra Thar CRDe

Immortal automobile design. Legendary off-road performance.

from $19,990 +GST

Equiped For Adventure,

Iconic in capability.

More than 60 years in the making. The legendary design gives you superior off-roading capability. It comes with BorgWarner 4wd system as a standard fitment. Tackles toughest of situations with 2.48 crawl ratio in low range. High approach and departure angle enables it to climb over impossible obstacles and superior traction is achieved with the help of long travel suspension.


Armed To The Teeth

A red-blooded 4×4, the Thar is armed to the teeth with features off-roading. It swallows any terrain this world can throw at it and so proudly snubs the flat land other vehicles call home. Known for its ability to with stand any punishment, Thar uses a ladder-on-frame chassis design trusted by the military. The widest tyre footprint in its segment, so grip never escapes it, even on slippery terrain. Acrobatic independent front suspension and abuse friendly leaf-spring rear suspension. Extreme 46 degree approach angle and a 30 degree departure angle, to swallow obstacles with grace. Turbocharged 2500cc engine to dart across landscapes. A 2.48 ratio low range gearbox belts out the high torque Thar uses to challenge crazy inclines and escape those deceptive muck-pits.


Of Torque


Crawl Ratio


Ground Clearance

Comfortable far from the beaten path



In terrain where most SUVs fail, the Thar goes on effortlessly. It cares little for any obstacles while caring a lot for your comfort. The air conditioner and heater is the best in the soft top category, making the most difficult journeys enjoyable. Twin bucket seats keep you planted when gravity is not on your side. Taming this off-road monster is easy with integral power seating. Quick turns and narrow escapes are business as usual to the Thar, thanks to its compact overal dimensions and a tight turning radius of just 5.25M. An advanced Borg Werner case feeds jerk-free power to the eager wheels. A premiom soft top canopy ensures that after a good mud-bashing, the interiors won’t match the look of the exterior. Customising the Thar for your adventure is easy with its genuine 4×4 accessories. Add everything from bull bars, roll-over bar and protector grills, to fog lamps, allow wheels, canopies, seat covers, central locking and more!

Extreme 46 degree approach angle
Turbocharged 2500cc CRDe engine
Go anywhere with military-grade construction

Take the Mahindra Challenge and drive one for yourself.