The Mahindra Story • Mahindra was founded in 1945 and is worth $16.7bn
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We build cars, and much more.

We build cars, and much more.

We build cars, and much more.

Globally, Mahindra spans over 18 key industries from aerospace to energy, right through to I.T. It holds significant shareholdings in Mitsubishi tractors, Peugeot Scooters, SsangYong and in 2015 secured ownership of Italian design studio, Pininfarina.

From humble beginnings producing the Willys Jeep to a global presence, our journey has been more than 70 years in the making.

The Mahindra Group is a $16.7 billion global corporation that employs more than 200,000 employees, within 18 industries in 100 countries across the world.

Defining the future of motoring

Mahindra Racing was a founding partner in the FIA Formula E Championship and boasts some of the most famous names in Motorsport, including Nick Heidfeld and Bruno Senna as Team Mahindra drivers. Formula E serves as an R&D platform for Mahindra’s growing electric vehicle program.

Mahindra prides itself on forward thinking innovation, and has acquired Pininfarina – the group behind seminal Ferrari’s including the F40 – to design the passenger electric vehicles of the future.

The road, the farm, the sky and beyond

Mahindra Aerospace is a global supplier of sheet metal and machined components for the aerospace industry. Mahindra also owns Australian brand, Airvan and now continues production of the safest, most durable, versatile and economical utility aircraft in the world.

2,100,000 Farmers can’t be wrong

World’s Number 1 in Tractors

In 2010 Mahindra became the #1 selling tractor brand in the world and continues to hold that position today. In New Zealand we supply a suite of dependable and hard working tractor solutions for the agricultural sector, as well as dedicated machinery like our iconic Thar and mPACT XTV.

It started with a legend

In the late 30’s with war fast approaching, the U.S. Army gave 135 car makers the chance to bid for their military contract. However, due to a demanding features list and 6 week deadline only two companies; Bantam and Willys, made a bid.

With the Willys MB being the more powerful of the two, they won the contract, and went into production in 1941. The Jeep was regarded to have modernised warfare, with Eisenhower stating the allies “could not have won the war without it”.

After WW2 the Jeep became a social icon, and began to garner fierce loyalty among 4WD enthusiasts. Mahindra was awarded the contract to produce Jeeps in 1947, and has been passionate about improving and refining this hugely capable off-roader ever since. We currently sell Thar’s, an inspired and rugged off-road vehicle, that has developed a loyalty among many NZ farmers for its dependability in the harshest of terrain.