8000 / 9500 4WD · Robust Heavy-Duty Power Tractor · Offer Available
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Heavy Duty Power And Performance

Mahindra 8000 / 9500 4WD

High level productivity, robust high performance engine and all heavy duty parts to match this top performing solidly built tractor.
Offer currently available, call or enquire.

0800 282 726

Superior Performance

Robust, Heavy-Duty Power

The 8000/9500 – 4WD series tractors deliver high level productivity at an economical price. These tractors come standard with a high performance engine, heavy duty synchromesh transmission, designed to match the impressive power and torque characteristics of the engine.

Big, Tough, Reliable, Effortless.

A robustly built housing results in an overall tractor weight of 3042kgs on the 8000 – 4WD and 3240kgs on the 9500 – 4WD tractor. The 8000/9500 – 4WD series tractors are ideal for primary and secondary tillage, livestock operations, crop protection, mowing, slashing, haulage, loader applications and other daily jobs on the farm. Featuring suspended brake and clutch pedals, dual/large diameter easy-shift clutch, plus the uncluttered platform makes for easy entry and exit. All this combined with an affordable price tag further enhances the overall value offered by a Mahindra Tractor.




Easy-Shift Synchromesh


Lift Capacity

Super Heavy Duty Front Axle

The front axle with a ‘limited slip differential’ provides additional pulling power in tough soil conditions. The planetary reduction offers high dynamic load carrying capacity and is designed for maximum performance in loader and field operations. The responsive hydrostatic steering has a tight steering angle for effortless manoeuvring even in confined areas.

Experience why Mahindra is the #1 selling tractor brand in the world. Book a test drive today.